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We will help your child Develop

  • Self Esteem
  • Confidence
  • Self Defense
  • Self Control
  • Leadership Skills
  • Team Work 

About Us

Head Instructor



Eugene Plowden’s JumpKick Martial Arts Systems offers the very best in professional martial arts instruction, fitness and group exercise classes. With over 30 years of martial arts experience, Eugene Plowden has a love for martial arts teaching, motivation and helping individuals reach their goals.

Mr. Plowden received his first degree black belt in 1991 at the age of fourteen under the instruction of his uncle five time world champion Master Richard Plowden. Since that time Mr. Plowden has taught martial arts classes in the Detroit Public Schools, Private Schools, Charter Schools, Churches, Gyms, and Health Clubs and also inside the Jewish Community Center. In 1993, Mr. Plowden received his 2nd degree black belt. In 1995 he attended Ferris State University and started a martial arts program named Super Star Karate Academy. This program was not only teaching college student’s martial arts but children as well.

In 1998 Mr. Plowden represented the United States as a member of the WKA National Karate Team. In 1999 Mr. Plowden journeyed into the health and fitness world and becomes a sales associate and a certified personal trainer at CMI Health Club and then Bally Total Fitness. At these locations he began teaching martial arts to the health club members and their children. Eventually Mr. Plowden moved on and worked inside the Jewish Community Center and worked as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor and had a very successful martial arts program. In 2014 Mr. Plowden received his 4th degree black belt. Mr. Plowden now holds classes inside of the Rosedale Park Community House in Detroit, MI.

Our Program


Martial Arts training are one of the best analysts, healers and health givers that a person can experience. This activity is diverse enough to offer a wide range of activities to people of all ages. Results ranging from self-defense skills, improved physical fitness, weight control, increased self-confidence and strengthened self-discipline are products of martial arts that men, women and children enjoy.

Here at JumpKick Martial Arts Systems we will assist you with developing skills that will be beneficial to your mind, spirit and body. It is important for you to realize that the martial arts are a non-violent activity. Consequently, its practitioners must demonstrate patience and restraint when involved in daily affairs. Each has to be developed like a moving machine the body needs exercise and lubrication to keep it running smoothly. Martial arts provide the stimulus, the exercise and the discipline for a lifetime of healthy activity.

JumpKick Martial Arts plans to use martial arts training as a catalyst for uniting, preserving and tending to some of the needs of the community. This is done by fostering goal-oriented thinking, respect for self and others as well as making educational requirements a prerequisite for rank advancement for school age youth.

JumpKick Martial Arts will give you a firm foundation in martial arts training while you with exercise and an overall positive feeling for about yourself. While we can’t give you the ability to become “super beings” in the purely physical sense, we will provide you with the means to handle very stressful and often threatening mental and physical situations with a smooth, clear and rational consciousness. 

Classes Offered


 · Super Star Martial Arts

(4-6 years old)

Give your child the world and enroll them in a class that helps develop self-discipline, self-respect, self-confidence and self-defense. This is a belt rank class where your child will learn the fundamentals of martial arts and develop leadership qualities, goal setting, and a can do attitude. 

· All Star Martial Arts 

(7-15 years old)

This program is for children ages 7-15 and is a belt rank class. This class teaches students to learn skills in various areas of martial arts. Your child will develop skills in karate, self-defense, Boxing, Kickboxing, jiu jitsu, strength and conditioning. Students will develop a higher level of honor, discipline, respect, self-confidence, self-esteem, discipline, concentration, and coordination. This program is a change from other sports and empowers students through martial arts to become focused and respectful to others


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JumpKick Martial Arts Club

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